Philipsburg in Fall

Hiking near Philipsburg, MT

Hiking near Philipsburg, MT

In the blink of an eye, summer has faded to fall, and winter is waiting in the wings to take center stage.  Here in Philipsburg, we have had one of the most spectacular falls that I can remember.  Pleasant sunny days, chilly evenings, and vibrant foliage reminiscent of a New England autumn.  Although we are in the early stages of November, this is Montana after all, and winter is never far away.  And so begin the mid-week treks to go wood-cutting and the high hopes for a killer ski season.

A visit to Georgetown Lake, MT

An autumn visit to Georgetown Lake, MT

There is already snow on Discovery Ski Area, and in the early mornings, our town has a slight sweet smell of a wood-burning fireplace.  The hockey rink will soon be open, and the sound of clashing hockey sticks and carved out ice will fill the air; one of my Boston-born husband’s favorite sounds!  Yule Night will arrive, and with it, twinkle lights and wreaths that decorate our main street.  This is truly a town for all seasons.

A few weeks ago, my mom from Arizona paid me a surprise visit, bringing with her my brothers and sister, two of whom had never been to Montana, let alone Philipsburg.  My younger sister and brother, Hattie and Sam, are urban-loving Phoenicians.  A weekend in the tiny town of Pburg may not have been at the top of their bucket list; however, after visits to the Sweet Palace, fishing on Flint Creek, taking a drive up to Georgetown Lake, and recapping our days with a cold beer at the Brewery, they were hooked.  Upon leaving, my sister Hattie said to me, “Mer, I get it now.  I understand why you moved here and why you love it so much.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Live in Philipsburg: Music, Food and More

Pburg Email Image

The 2013 Collectible Poster Art

August has snuck up on me once again! And even though autumn is right around the corner, we P-burgers are still enjoying the long hours of sun and gearing up for some live music at the Fourth Annual Live in Philipsburg All-Day Concert and Charity Auction ( August 18th, noon-6 PM)!

Sponsored by our local rotary club, this event enables locals and visitors alike to meet, mingle, and enjoy some of Montana’s best musicians. All of this fun takes place under Montana’s big blue skies, in Philipsburg’s outdoor amphitheater. And one more thing: IT’S FREE!!

My husband, a volunteer fireman, eagerly looks forward to this event where he and his fellow firemen will be serving up tasty tri-tip sandwiches for all to enjoy. But the food and fun doesn’t stop there!  This is one of those events where I sit back and marvel at how much our tiny mountain town has to offer those of us that are lucky enough to live here and those of you from elsewhere. The vibe is so laid back and happy, it is downright contagious! So bring your lawn chair and settle in for a great concert and auction, and get to know our town on a gorgeous summer Sunday in Montana!

May in Montana

When my husband and I moved to Montana in 2006, we had a number of East Coast friends anxious to visit us and see firsthand what living in God’s Country entailed.  Two of our dearest friends planned a visit in 2007.  However, they had one request:  they didn’t want to visit in the winter for fear of a Montana winter being too cold and harsh for them.  So, they made plans for a Memorial Day vacation.  Little did Mike and I know what Memorial Day weather meant in Montana!

Waking up to Snow in late May

Waking up to Snow in late May

Later the Same Day

Later the Same Day

Tim and Jen arrived the same time almost 2 feet of snow did!  But the beauty of a Montana May is that while Mother Nature may dump two feet of snow on you one day, she counters with sunshine and clear skies the next.  Over a span of five days, our friends experienced both a snowstorm and snuggling up next to a crackiling fire, as well as birds chirping and balmy weather so we could take them out to fish and dig for sapphires.  And all of this moisture promises a green and vibrant summer season for the rest of us.  Just another reason why I love living in Montana and the ‘Burg in particular!

Trading in the Rat Race
by Meredith Sauer

Prettiest Painted Place from Buildings to Sky.

Prettiest Painted Place from Buildings to Sky.

My husband Mike and I moved to Philipsburg in 2006 to escape the dreaded East Coast Rat Race.  While living in Boston, we both worked in the corporate arena, rushing from here to there, and rarely seeing each other in the process.  We were in desperate need of a “time-out” and the calm serentity Montana had to offer.

We discovered Philipsburg through my father who moved here in 1996 from Arizona.  Any time an opportunity to visit him came around, we jumped at the chance. We love skiing in the winter, riding horses, fishing, hiking, and camping in the summer.  But more importantly, we love the kindness of the people living in Philipsburg.  This is a community that is unfailingly suportive of one another.  Combined with the numerous amenities Philipsburg has to offer, (re-surfaced tennis courts, a lighted hockey rink, outdoor amphitheater, outstanding school system and medical center just to name a few!) I can’t think of a better place to live.  There truly is something for everyone in little mountain town.

A Charity Event in Philipsburg


I was born in Arizona, earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, and moved to Boston shortly after graudation to work for a publishing company.  Upon moving to Philipsburg, I went back to school to get my teaching certificate for English and Spanish, as well as my Masters in Education.  I have been teaching in Philipsburg for 6 years now and love every minute of it!  My husband is the Executive Chef at Old Works in Anaconda, as well as a volunteer fireman, schoolboard member, and a member of the Masonic Lodge.